Community Information and Update 5/10/2018

Hello everyone :D

First of all, for any of you coming to the forums for the first time, welcome! For those of you who were around for XMP Studios, welcome back! I'm actually quite excited to be back in the community game after a short hiatus. I wanted to take a moment to get some information out here for everyone who is curious as to what on earth is going on with servers, development, etc. Just to clearly state before anything else: We are not a continuation or rollover from XMP Studios services. If you're expecting to see old servers, old gamemode banks/inventories, old anything, then please go ahead and clean up those expectations. While we do plan to use bits and pieces of our old services, we're actively making new gamemdoes, new services, and have new plans and direction.

So, what are you planning this time around anyways?

Right now, we're planning on keeping this small and simple. Run a few small servers that aren't crazy impossible to maintain, don't require boatloads of staff, and are fun for the community. Primarily these servers will include two Murder servers, and Gmod:Aftermath. We've also decided to network with a couple other communities, but we'll have more information about that later on down the line.

Servers? Tell us more!

Murder is exactly that. Murder. We're planning on having two styles of murder servers set up to cater to both major aspect of the gamemode. The first server is Murder+. This will go to be our vanilla-like experience that will focus on keeping the core feel of murder intact. It'll only have some light adjustments to help the quality of the gamemode shine, such as a very lightly added blood money system. The second server will be Murder Modified. This server will have a broader feel to it. The potential of more than one murderer, voting for minigame like rounds, Demonkush's full blood money system, and so on.

Okay, so tell us about Gmod:Aftermath!

Gmod:Aftermath is in essence, a continuation of GmodZ. We're stripping away old elements of the gamemode and rebuilding it into something new. Our current aim is to have a stalker-like feel to the overall gamemode. We want to have camps instead of a safezone, a cleaner more optimized map (with rotational seasons!), a more active economy, and a cleaner and overall more fun game. There will be some essence of a story that will be put together with the gamemode itself that will build over updates and will come with a forum post detailing changes. We want the changes to the environment and overall feel of the game to change over time, and to keep things interesting for old and new players alike. We don't currently have an ETA on a release for this server at the moment.

So with all of that said, we hope to see you all on our servers soon.

Good Luck, Have Bacon!


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