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Hey everyone :D

I've got a few things to cover with this update so I'm going to get right into things. I'm sure some of you might have noticed that our forums have had a couple changes. I'm going to do my best to lay this out and the explanations of why these changes have occurred.

Forum Section Layout
  • These changes are pretty straightforward. We wanted to minimize how many different forum sections our userbase has to navigate. Instead, our more used General Chat will simply have tags that you can apply to your posts to distinguish particular ideas such as Music, Anime, Movies, etc.
  • In the coming weeks, some of our rules and information posts will be getting updated with adjusted formatting and some re-writes to hopefully be a little more clear and easily readable.
  • Changes:
    • Less forum sections. Cleaner rules and information.
Appeals and Reports
  • Our appeals and reports sections are, to be blunt, a graveyard of deleted posts and constant brigades. We wanted to allow the community a voice in these areas to allow for factual information to help us in our decisions, but instead were met with a lot of opinions. The honest issue with this is that we don't need every banned players friends to come in and tell us what a great person they are. We need factual information provided surrounding the ban situation. Due to the fact that nearly every situation was met with opinionated posting instead of factual information being provided, we updated the permissions.
  • Changes:
    • Ban Appeals can now only be viewed / posted on by the person who posted them, and staff.
    • Player Reports can now only be viewed / posted on by the person who posted them, and staff.
    • Staff Reports remain unchanged as they are only viewable to the person who posted them, and the development team.
Forum Ranks
  • We've decided to remove the VIP, VIP Elite, and...