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  • Implemented BBCode for profile pages.
  • You can receive notifications for actions of users that you follow now. (view options for followed users to enable.)
  • Implemented a viewable front-end banlist.
  • Added a tool to block VPN users. Banned users like to alt using these services so this is being implemented to hinder their ability to waste the staff's time more than they already are.
  • Normal users have been revoked permission to start conversations in the PM system. This is due to banned players using PMs as a venue to whine privately, which will no longer be tolerated. Regular players may make profile comments instead.
Hey everyone!

So I wanted to bring a few updates to everyone, and put some information out for some of the changes that are still in the works and will be coming out in the next few days.

First up, we have new GmodZ Updates coming as far as servers and fun stuff. We're looking into trying to breathe a little fresh air into the gamemode. New map, new weapons, and more. We'll have more information on this as we get things closer to a release point.

Next up, ban appeals. We've updated our current ban appeal format. If you already had an appeal in, you'll need to resubmit. Please read through the new format carefully. If the appeals aren't filled out properly, they'll be denied. Also, after an appeal is decided on and locked, it will be moved into a subforum in the ban appeal section. This way, if you didn't get to see the decision on the appeal, you can still go in and see the end result and our decisions on the matter. The ban appeals themselves will continue to be private to the poster and the staff team.

And important change. We know there are a number of people who are currently blacklisted from the community. We'll be updating with a public list of members who are currently on this list. In SOME instances, these people may submit a ban appeal including a video apology posted unlisted on youtube (but posted in the ban appeal). If you find yourself on the blacklist and believe that you are deserving of another chance to be a part of the community, you may take it upon yourself to record and upload said video, and post it to us in a ban appeal.

Finally, we'll be updating the player report, staff report, and staff application formats as well. These will be rolled out over the next week.

We're working to continue to make XMP Studios a cheat free and enjoyable community for our playerbase. We're not perfect, but we're doing the best we can. Thanks to all of you who donate, participate, and dedicate your time an energy into helping keep the community fantastic.