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Community Information and Update 5/10/2018

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Hello everyone :D

First of all, for any of you coming to the forums for the first time, welcome! For those of you who were around for XMP Studios, welcome back! I'm actually quite excited to be back in the community game after a short hiatus. I wanted to take a moment to get some information out here for everyone who is curious as to what on earth is going on with servers, development, etc. Just to clearly state before anything else: We are not a continuation or rollover from XMP Studios services. If you're expecting to see old servers, old gamemode banks/inventories, old anything, then please go ahead and clean up those expectations. While we do plan to use bits and pieces of our old services, we're actively making new gamemdoes, new services, and have new plans and direction.

So, what are you planning this time around anyways?

Right now, we're planning on keeping this small and simple. Run a few small servers that aren't crazy impossible to maintain, don't require boatloads...

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