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Minor update, bit of a hotfix at any rate.
  • Fixed some issues with timers causing burning to players.
  • Made sniper ammo pricing from vending more reasonable. ($800/10 Rounds
  • Re-Added LMG ammo to vending. ($400/30 Rounds)
  • Increased quantity of ammo given for SMG ammo purchases. ($300/30)
  • Added pulse batteries to buyable ammo list. ($1000/10)
  • Added Five-Seven again to vending list. ($600)
  • Added Tec-9 to vending list. ($700)
  • Added/Re-Added SKS to Vending. ($1700)
  • Added Mosin Nagant to vending.($2500)
  • Added Negev to vending. ($2200)
  • Added Sawed-Off shotgun to vending. ($1000)
  • @Mr. Sandbox Fixed most of the issues with skins.
    • Some left-over issues remain - G3SG1 skins may have issues.
  • Updated loot lists with new weapons/ammo properly. Some of the items should be easier to find now.
  • Updated healing function - healing now works over time instead of instantly. Medspammers beware.
Minor update today:
  • Some hotfixes for the skin system.
  • Implemented the Gnome system.
    • Admins may now use the !gnome command on players as a punishment method.
    • Gnomed players cannot do any of the following:
      • Access SZ/SZ Protection/Their Bank
        • Gnomes in SZ will be treated like a player with a kill timer, and punted out.
      • Use Heli
      • Use Groups
      • Use Weapons
      • Change Playermodels/Use VIP Playermodel Skins
      • Voice/Text Chat