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Hey ya'll <3

So with the new year I bring you our final announcement. As of today we've decided to let the GmodZ server, as well as any Gmod server hosting, to come to a close. As much fun as it's been to host some great servers and to get to hang with some of the better portions of the GmodZ community, it's time to go ahead and close things out.

I know this is short, but this is really simply a new beginning for the community as a whole. While XMP GmodZ ends, XMP is actually pushing forward with a renewed vision and a new drive.

If you're interested in still following the community, feel free to join our new discord server: https://discord.gg/FUCH86E

If you're interested in purchasing the gamemode, feel free to contact us about it :)
So today we have to talk the future of XMP, our development team, and GmodZ. Our fantastic development team (Demonkush, 017, Mr.Sandbox, and Vulpsurdi) have been incredible badasses for us for a long time. They've put some real dedication and time into creating some seriously great content for this community to host. Sadly, they've decided that the time has come to step back from development here in XMP. Some small projects may still have interaction from them, they'll mostly just be chilling from here on.

So with that said, let me jump right into the future of XMP and GmodZ. Serverwise, we'll be minimizing completely to be a dedicated GmodZ server host. While there won't be any major content updates from this point on, there will still be balancing patches and small adjustments to the main gmodz server. I'll be stepping into the arena to start taking over in those updates. Some of you might have noticed some of those updates are already starting to take place as far as the party limit dropping to four from five, and the overhaul of the rules to reflect directly to GmodZ. As long as donations continue to cover operational costs, I'll keep the servers active and running. Donation wise, I STILL plan to continue passing donations to the devs listed above because I still believe that the community owes them for the work they've done, and for what we haven't been able to pay them due to paypal getting attacked.

You'll be seeing a number of changes around discord and the website to reflect the changes in the community. So don't freak out! We're just making sure that the necessary pieces are in place for the downsizing.

So for now, that's where we are. I don't plan on seeking a new development team, but I'll make sure we keep the lights on and the gears turning for everyone who still wants to play and continue to be a part of the community and GmodZ.